Who are we? We are a collective of talent with a diverse skill set in video, photography, aerospace engineering, fabrication and of course flying. Drone Tech Aerial Cinematography offers unique capabilities that supersedes manned helicopters in cost, manpower and versatility. DTAC is a FAA 333 Exempt and Part 107 company approved for Motion Picture and Television based in Los Angeles, California.

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All kits come with backup aircraft

Inspire 1 Pro X5

Best value for small production and projects with its small footprint and short downtime. DSLR camera with no fish-eye.

16MP Micro 4/3 Camera
4K(30P) 1080(60P)

h.264 60 Mbps

5 Prime Lens Options

HD Downlink

12min Flight Times

Batteries and Chargers for Continuous Operation

Pilot and Camera Operator Included

X5 Camera Specs

Inspire 2

Powerful film making package that delivers stunning footage with a small crew and footprint. Our most popular choice.

21MP Micro 4/3 Camera
4K(60P) 1080(120P)

Raw and ProRes Output

5 Prime Lens Options

HD Downlink

17min Flight Times

Batteries and Chargers for Continuous Operation

Pilot and Camera Operator Included

X5s Camera Specs X7 Camera Specs

Alta 8

Freefly sets the standard for flying light weight cinema cameras allowing for unique “Sky View” shots.

We Fly Your Camera (RED/ARRI MINI/C300/A7)

12lbs of Camera Payload

MoVI Pro / MoVI M5

HD Downlink

8-10min Flight Times

Batteries and Chargers for Continuous Operation

Pilot and Camera Operator Included


Our custom built 4 Wheel Drive camera car has a max speed of 40MPH. Unique perspectives with no tracks to set up.

Use our GH5 or Swing Your Camera

5lbs of Camera Payload

MoVI M5 / MoVI Pro

HD Downlink

30-40min Run Times

Batteries and Chargers for Continuous Operation

Driver and Camera Operator Included

Solution Driven Professionals

Additional Info

Our competitive advantage is clear, we are highly qualified, scalable and utilize the latest technology.
We were one of the first FAA 333 Exempt companies in Los Angeles, so let us navigate the legal process for you to keep your project in compliance and on schedule. Our Remote Pilot licenses under Part 107 allow us to operate with relaxed restrictions and even at night under our waiver. In any event we are authorized by the FAA to operate at all levels currently offered for commercial operation and will point you in the right direction.
We have been granted FAA authorizations to fly in hard to access areas on compressed timelines given the advantage that we have pilots on staff with both Private Pilot and Part 107 UAS certificates. When appealing to the FAA for access to controlled airspace, FAA administrators are reassured by using a drone pilot that is also an aircraft pilot due to their increased knowledge of airspace, airport operations and ability to communications with air traffic control. In short, we can get airspace authorizations on a shorter timeline with greater chances of success.
We specialize in capturing automotive and action sports, offering our clients more than the typical high and wide. We believe that the most dynamic drone shots are created just above ground level, hence we have trained long and hard to assemble the most proficient teams out there when it comes to flying close, low and fast.
We were degreed and pedigreed before we started an aerial production company. Our team is not just rated to fly drones we are rated to fly planes. We are constantly evolving with industry technology and even providing hardware testing for drone manufacturers.
We are not just drone pilots, we are film makers. Our kits and equipment go past just drones… In house, we have small camera cars, brushless gimbals, DSLR cameras, audio equipment, motion controlled sliders, generators and an editing suite. We are equipped with the tools to be self-sufficient while creating powerful and engaging content. Being diverse in our tool set allows us to foresee how the drone shot will help tell the story.

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